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Purchased by Hydro Systems in 2010, Chemilizer Products, Inc. was originally founded in 1976 by Ray Daniels, a Tampa Bay entrepreneur. Mr. Daniel’s created a metered injection system that he envisioned as part of lawn irrigation and fertilizing system. As it turned out, neither the fertilizer product market nor the home owner was ready for this approach and the venture stalled.

But his efforts did not go unrewarded. The features of his simple, innovative non-electric chemical injector found application in an unexpected field, animal and livestock feeding. Mr. Daniels’ injectors found use by farmers in this agricultural segment because treating livestock through water supply lines was cost-effective and boosted production.

Beginning in the mid-south and then spreading throughout the country, farmers, veterinarians and nutritionists began to recognize the injector’s rugged performance and superior delivery of medication to livestock. Some credit the injector as a pivotal technical breakthrough that ignited rapid growth of the swine and poultry industry.

Soon, other applications were discovered and the Chemilizer pump was used to inject fertilizers and other chemicals directly into irrigation systems. This led to higher crop yields and also an enhanced method of maximizing water use and efficiency. As the simplicity and efficiency of the Chemilizer non-piston, non-electric water motor became better known, the company began to grow and attract a host of new competitors.

Chemilizer now part of the Hydro Volumetric Family of Products

Hydro Systems has fully integrated the Chemilizer into our line of products. Hydro is also making regular improvements to the Chemilizer, continuing its position in the marketplace as a top of the line medicator and injector. Please visit the Chemilizer product page or contact us to learn more about the Chemilizer.