Medicators and Injectors for the Animal Health Industry

Hydro Systems designs water driven pumps for poultry, swine, and other animal farming industries.

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Keep your chickens healthy and disease free with Hydro Systems Volumetric injectors and medicators, designed specifically for the poultry industry. Whether it’s for a boiler house or a layer house, Hydro medicators and injectors offer the most accurate injection rates in the industry.

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Poultry Medicators

Hydro Systems medicators are ideal for accurate delivery of medication, vitamins, electrolytes, and vaccines through the drinking water system. Our AquaBlend medicator is an industry standard for poultry houses because of its accuracy and reliability.

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The AquaBlend is the most accurate medicator on the market. It medicates within 1% accuracy from as low as .04 gallons per minute to as high as 11 gallons per minute. Watch the video at this link.

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Poultry House Sanitation

Keeping the barn clean and free of biosecurity hazards is imperative when raising chickens for consumption. Use the HydroFoamer to clean cool cell pads. The HydroLean is the perfect solution for treating water lines. AccuPro can be used to fill pump sprayers that spray down tires on equipment entering the farm.

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Customer Service

At Hydro Systems, we believe our focus on customer service is one of the things that sets us apart from our competition. From our expert technical support to our exceptional customer service team, our goal is give great service to each and every customer.

You can be sure that your swine and poultry are properly cared for with Hydro dispensers and injectors.

Hydro has five manufacturing locations serving every region of the world. No more waiting for units and parts to be manufactured and shipped from overseas. We have designated product development engineers, customer service representatives, and field technicians to provide the support you need, wherever you are.

Our rugged, chemically resistant, accurate medicators are ready when you need them, whether it’s to nourish young poults or treat ailing market pigs. You can count on Hydro injectors… they are built to last!

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Animal Health Applications:

• Vaccinating
• Water treatment
• Medicating
• Administering nutrients & supplements
• Cleaning & sanitizing drinking line systems

Animal Health Products: