Milk Line Cleaning Equipment (CIP): 

Hydro Pumping Systems have been precisely delivering chemicals in a wide variety of cleaning applications for more than 50 years. These reliable, easy to install systems are now configured for use with Dairy Farm CIP operations. Hydro pumping systems are accurate, reliable, easy to install and low maintenance.

The daily cleaning of milk lines is an integral part of the sanitation process on every dairy farm. One critical part of the automated CIP system is the accurate & consistent delivery of cleaning chemicals. Hydro Systems pumping technologies are designed to deliver the proper amount of liquid chemistry time and time again.

View our Milk Line Cleaning Dairy Application Sheet for more information.

Benefits of the Hydro Pumping System for Dairy Farm CIP:

  • Multiple Pump Sizes available (18 oz/min, 45 oz/min, 5 Gal/min)
  • Pumps work with most existing wash control systems
  • Operate pumps on timed signals or with optional controller package
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Long lasting Heavy Duty AC or Air Pumps
  • Pre-wired Pump Stands with Low Voltage Plug in cable are easy to install and set up
  • Reduce wash time with large peristaltic or high output air pumps
  • Prime at the pump with convenient priming module