Dispensing Solutions for Industrial Applications

Hydro Systems offers safe and sustainable solutions for the metal working industry. Our products are made in the USA and exceed metal working industry standards. Hydro Systems’ products are designed to be durable and of the highest quality. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology, customer satisfaction and safer operations makes us the leader in the chemical proportioning and dispensing industry.


Water driven, Hydro Systems’ products save on energy. By eliminating the need for electricity, Hydro Systems has created easy-to-maneuver products that are both cost- and time-efficient.


Our products are adjustable while in operation and field serviceable. There’s no need to worry about replacing tools or damaged metals. Hydro Systems’ industrial injectors have a separate internal mixing chamber that limits chemical contact with the motor, allowing for uniform and precise chemical mixing – preserving both motor and chemical quality.


Unlike our traditional venturi models, pressure, flow and viscosity do not affect the performance of Hydro Systems’ units. With the technology in our industrial injectors, you can precisely control your dilution of fluids, ensuring you have the right mixture. Boasting the industry’s highest standard operating pressure, surge damage is no longer an issue.

Customer Service

For improving coolant and spray methods, look no further. Our innovative chemical dispensing systems are designed to improve metal processing capabilities. Hydro Systems has a wide range of products for volumetric applications. If you don’t see your application here, please contact us. We offer custom solutions for specific applications.

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Industrial applications

  • Metalworking/metal processing fluids
  • Food processing and sanitation
  • Beer line cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Concrete release / asphalt release
  • Foam injectors for the fire fighting industry
  • Odor control

Industrial Application Products: