Dositec Electromagnetic System

Electromagnetic Multi-Washer Unit for On-Premise Laundry

Hydro Systems is now the exclusive supplier of Dositec Sistemas chemical management systems in North America. Hydro Systems has been the innovation leader in the commercial OPL laundry segment globally; however, the Dositec Sistemas partnership provides Hydro Systems with a complete line of commercial laundry equipment for new and existing customers.  This broadens the existing product line to include systems for multiple washer extractors and tunnel washers of varying sizes.

The new line of equipment also includes Dositec Pneumatic Systems.



Dositec Electromagnetic Multi-Washer Units are designed for a wide range of applications including both on-premise and industrial laundries. The system makes maintenance more economical by eliminating the need to change squeeze tubes. It also includes a rotameter, which gives an accurate confirmation of chemical delivery.

Flexible and Easy to Configure

  • Panel mounted design
  • Built in touch screen with PLC based control
  • Units support up to 6 machines with up to 8 products

Accurately Dispense Chemicals and Reduce Downtime

  • Integrated rotameter gives a positive indicator of chemical delivery
  • Reliable, accurate electromagnetic pump (0.18 GPM or 0.7 LPM)
  • Configurable water flush between each dose

Laundrytec Software

All Dositec systems feature the Laundrytec software for complete wash aisle management. The Laundrytec software is web-based, real-time software designed to give you complete reporting and control for a comprehensive view of your entire wash aisle at all times.

Dositec’s Laundrytec software features:

  • Remote wireless and ethernet programming
  • System monitoring
  • Reporting for process and load efficiency
  • Formula run times
  • Chemical usage
  • Production efficiency

You can download and update your Laundrytec Software on our Downloads page.

Hydro Systems is the leading manufacturer globally of chemical management systems for several markets, including commercial laundry. Dositec Sistemas is a leading manufacturer of central laundry and large on-premise laundry dosing systems in Europe. At the core of all Dositec equipment is the Laundrytec software platform. For more information about laundry system solutions offered by Hydro Systems please call 1-800-543-7184 and ask for our laundry specialists.

See the dosing process in action:


Dositec Electromagnetic System Datasheet

Dositec Electromagnetic System Installation Guide