Powerful and compact system to eliminate the challenges of low water pressure


The EvoBoost, as part of Hydro’s laundry solution, is equipped with a powerful and reliable diaphragm pump. Providing a flow rate of  1.6 GPM (6.1 LPM), it eliminates the complications associated with low water pressure, for up to three low flow EvoClean units, or one high flow EvoClean unit. Aesthetic and compact, the EvoBoost is designed specifically to fit, neatly, into typical OPL operations, while still being versatile enough to be paired with any venturi dispenser. The EvoBoost removes the requirement for the installation of expensive backflow prevention devices, by providing category 4 WRAS approval.



  • The air gap on the water inlet of the EvoBoost provides WRAS category 4 chemical backflow prevention and is compliant with ASME A112.1.3.
  • The EvoBoost is designed to supply 2-3 low flow EvoClean’s or 1 high flow EvoClean with 35 psi (2.5 bar) consistently.
  • Ensures chemical delivery will be consistent and extremely accurate, leading to predictable laundry.
  • Versatile and flexible to allow use with any venturi dispenser.
  • Clean aesthetic that complements the EvoClean family.
  • The EvoBoost is equipped with a powerful and reliable electric diaphragm pump in either 230VAC or 115 VAC versions with a flow rate of 1.6 GPM (6.1 LPM) .


EvoBoost Datasheet

EvoBoost Full User Manual



Part Numbers

Modelinlet fittingOutlet fittingVoltage
EVB1561115VG3/4GH, female3/4GH, female115 VAC
EVB1561230VB3/4BSP, male3/4BSP, male230 VAC