EvoOne is an innovative push-pump chemical dispenser designed to deliver accurate doses of concentrated chemicals into sinks, buckets, bottles and other containers.  Its attractive and compact appearance makes it well-suited for customer facing areas without being intrusive.


Versatile Push-Pump System for Accurate Chemical Dosing

The EvoOne does not require a water line connection dispensing directly into the desired container and allowing it to be versatile in a variety of environments

  • Adjustable dosage 5-30 mL (0.2-1.0 oz.), in increments of 5 mL (0.2 oz.)
  • Simple and low cost installation with low service requirements
  • Optional lock out system to prevent double dosage
  • Exclusive chemical cap system to prevent the possibility of a competitor’s chemical being used
  • Chemical compatibility with a wide range of chemicals (standard and premium seal versions available)
  • Simplified design with few moving parts, reducing possibility of failure and eliminating downtime
  • Optional lockable concentrate cabinet
  • Modular wall bracket system for simplicity and flexibility of install (the brackets clip together using a joiner piece)
  • Spray bottle, sink and bucket fill options available
  • Key or button operation of concentrate cabinet and dispenser priming feature, customizable upon installation
  • Branding areas available to allow customization of dispenser and cabinet
  • Adjustable height bottle shelf to facilitate easy chemical filling
  • High quality tubing for delivering chemical (viscous chemical kit available)

Watch this video to see how it works


EvoOne Datasheet

Part Numbers

731GBBottle Fill, Silicone
732GBSink Fill, Silicone
733GBBucket Fill, Silicone
721GBBottle Fill, PTFE
722GBSink Fill, PTFE
723GBBucket Fill, PTFE
90098929Cabinet, 2L

Installation Video