Simple and easy to use solid rinse dissolver for warewash

The EvoRinse is a solid rinse dissolver for use with existing glass/warewash EvoWash units. The integrated control allows safe and economical use of rinse supplies by ensuring a set amount of chemical is automatically added to every wash.

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Features and Benefits

  • Integrated reservoir to hold minimal amount of diluted rinse chemical, preventing waste
  • Reservoir controls a mixed amount of chemical dosing
  • Easy to install and connect to existing EvoWash units
  • Works with hot or cold water supply
  • Large floor container has been eliminated
  • Reduces chance of mess/contact when changing chemical containers



EvoRinse Datasheet

EvoRinse Manual

Part Numbers

RegionProduct NumberDescription
GlobalHYDEVR1008RB80SCNACEEvoRinse 230V
GlobalHYDEVR248RB80SCNACEEvoRinse 24V
North AmericaHYDEVR248RB80SCNAULEvoRinse 24V