Simple and easy to use powder and solid detergent dissolver for warewash

The EvoWash is a powder / solid detergent dissolver with optional, integrated rinse pump for use with existing glass / warewash machines. The integrated control unit allows programming to promote safe and economical use of warewash supplies by ensuring an accurate amount of chemical is automatically added to every wash.

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Features and Benefits

  • Bottle lockout feature to prevent non-approved chemicals being used in the product
  • Simple, three button programming of integrated controller
  • Rinse saver feature prevents rinse additive waste during fills of the water
  • Detergent conductivity measurement and adjustable control to minimize detergent overuse
  • ‘Rack counter’ as standard
  • ‘Descale’ mode allows for safe washer cleaning without detergent waste
  • Rinse delay feature
  • Rinse pump manual prime feature
  • Can be paired with EvoRinse, a solid rinse dissolver



EvoWash Datasheet

EvoWash Manual

EvoWash Quick Start Guide

Part Numbers

RegionProduct NumberDescription
GlobalHYDEVWR1008RB80SCCEEvoWash with Rinse Pump
GlobalHYDEVWN1008RB80SCCEEvoWash without Rinse Pump
North AmericaHYDEVWR1008RB80SCULEvoWash with Rinse Pump (UL Certified)