The HydroFlo metal faucet proportioner uses the water stream from a faucet to deliver diluted cleaning solution for manual warewashing at the touch of a button.

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Small size, big performance

The HydroFlo is a metal faucet proportioner. It uses the water stream from a faucet to dilute concentrated chemicals for manual dish washing. All users need to do is press the button and wait for their sinks to fill.

Concentrated detergents are at their most effective when properly diluted. Proper dilution is hard to achieve when users are mixing chemicals by hand, which is what makes the HydroFlo an ideal solution. It is low-cost and user-friendly – perfect for food service or hospitality businesses where turnover is high. Best of all, your chemicals will be diluted to your specifications, increasing the likelihood of customer retention.

HydroFlo features & benefits:

  • Nickel-plated brass body
  • Molded eductor
  • Easy push button operation
  • Proper chemical performance


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