Inject lean solutions into your water lines.

If you are trying to de-scale the water lines or kill algae, the HydroLean is the system for you. It dilutes chemicals to the lean proportions necessary to care for the water lines.

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HydroLean Injects Super Lean Dilutions

The HydroLean is a double dilution system. Inside the blue reservoir, a venturi system is used to pull concentrated chemical from the container, mix it with water and store it within the reservoir. Then, a volumetric injector pulls the diluted solution from the reservoir and dilutes it again, producing concentrates as low as 1 ppm.

The HydroLean truly is a versatile product with so many variations available, to suit everybody’s needs including a wall mounted reservoir to save space. The systems are all non-electric and perfect for on-farm water treatment applications.

Compatible chemicals:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (often used for killing algae and mold)
  • Chlorine (often used for de-scaling)
  • Acidifiers
  • And more!

Often paired with: