HydroMaster LCU

Water Line Cleaning and Disinfection Pumps for Farm

As antibiotic use on the farm decreases, it is more important than ever to keep animals healthy by cleaning and disinfecting the environment in which they live. HydroMaster LCU pumps from Hydro Systems are designed to allow you to easily inject water line cleaning and sanitizing solutions into your water lines without preparing a stock solution.

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HydroMaster LCU Features & Benefits:

HydroMaster is installed similar to a water-driven pump or medicator. The chemical container sits below the HydroMaster LCU unit, and the inlet is attached to the water supply line. Designed to handle one chemical at a time, the exit line transfers the water and chemical mixture to the area where the water line cleaning needs to occur.

  • Can be mounted on a wall or installed on top of a chemical container
  • Can be used with any sized container
  • No electricity required – water access only
  • Compact and lightweight: provides installation versatility and is easily stored when not in use
  • Long-lasting: made of high quality, chemically resistant materials
  • Various screw-in dilution tips: can be used with a wide range of chemicals at different dilution rates
  • Ball valve: allows the unit to be turned off and on as needed and helps the user control the chemical dilution


Additional information

Part Number

HYD 210


HydroMaster LCU Datasheet

HydroMaster LCU User Manual