LL6000 and LL80000 Laundry Systems

Designed for use in large, commercial laundry facilities

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The flexibility of 20 chemical formulas for large laundry operations

The ORION LL Systems consists of a washer mounted controller and a wall mounted pump module. A sealed keypad and modern display provide simple control of this powerful product dispensing system. Liquid laundry products are automatically transferred from the shipping containers to the washer, safely and accurately.

Orion Heavy Duty Pumps

The Orion LL6000 uses a combination of 46 oz per minute and 18 oz per minute pumps. This maximizes your formula efficiency. The peristaltic type pumps used with the LL-6000 feature heavy duty construction with a professional 5 point mounting system.

The Orion LL80000 uses a combination of air driven double diaphram pumps; 46 oz per minute and 18 oz per minute pumps. This maximizes your formula efficiency. The peristaltic type pumps used with the LL-80000 feature heavy duty construction with a professional 5 point mounting system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Modular construction
  • Formula power
  • Easy set–up
  • Safety
  • Heavy duty pumps
  • Security
  • Pumps capacity from 18 oz to 3 gal. per minute
  • Handles Up To 8 chemicals
  • Automatic load, usage, and cost recording
  • Download reports to a USB flash drive
  • Integrated water flush control

Additional information

Part Numbers

LL- 6400 TE, LL- 6600 TE, LL- 6800 TE, LL- 84000 TE, LL- 86000 TE, LL- 88000 TE, 01-08900-00, 01-05970-00, 03-03609-02, 13-07902-012


LL6000 Datasheet

LL80000 Datasheet

LL6000 Manual

LL80000 Manual

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