LM100 Laundry Dispenser

LM100 is an OPL system with up to 8 pumps and fast dosing capabilities.

The LM100 Laundry Dispensing System lets you optimize any on–premise laundry chemical operation.

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LM100 is safe and accurate

The  LM100 Dispenser System consists of a washer mounted controller, a wall–mounted pump module and a Super Isolated Machine Interface. A password protected controller provides control of this powerful, microprocessor system.

Laundry chemical products are automatically transferred from the shipping containers to the washer, safely and accurately. The LM100 System lets you optimize any on–premise laundry chemical operation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 8 pump capacity
  • Quiet, heavy duty AC motors
  • Fast dosing, up to 18 oz. (540 ml) per minute
  • Timesaving plug together installation
  • External, resetable circuit breaker
  • Quick pump tube change
  • Robust stainless steel enclosure
  • Fast installation
  • Formula flexibility
  • Sensible programming
  • Safe wiring
  • Easy setup
  • Heavy–duty pumps
  • Quick pump tube change

Additional information

Part Numbers

LM- 140 TE, LM- 156 TE, LM- 160 TE, LM- 178 TE, LM- 180 TE, 01-08900-00, 03-03609-02, 13-07902-012


LM100 Laundry Dispenser Datasheet

LM100 Pumpstand Manual

Replacement Squeeze Tube Chart