Pressure Bleed Device

Provides backflow prevention for the ASSE Standard 1055

The Pressure Bleed Device prevents damage to any upstream backflow protection device which is not rated for continuous supply pressure.

In addition, by encouraging the user to turn off the faucet because of the visible flow of water, the device prevents hot/cold water cross contamination.

The Dual Valve Pressure Bleed Device Datasheet


Purpose: ASSE Standard 1055 allows for a hose connection to be installed on a faucet with an atmospheric vacuum breaker if a Pressure Bleed Device is used.

Hydro’s 1951 Pressure Bleed Device Offers:

  • Visual free flow of water from the faucet connection to the facility sink/drain
  • Pressure bleed rate of 0.15 GPM at 20 psig (minimum specification is at least 0.1 GPM at 20 psig)
  • Pressure bleeds to 0 psig in less than a minute when the water is turned off
  • Protection of AVB (Atmospheric Vaccuum Breaker) from being left under continuous pressure
  • UPC Listing by IAPMO
  • Rugged construction for reliable, long-term use
  • The ability to supply water to two dispensers from one faucet; or supply one dispenser and maintain normal faucet operation at the same time

Often Used In:

  • Schools and universities
  • Fast food
  • Hotels and lodging
  • Healthcare
  • Supermarkets
  • Transportation
  • Food processing


Dual Valve Pressure Bleed Device Datasheet