RiteFlex Handheld Dispenser

Low Cost, Portable Chemical Dispensing

Hydro’s patent pending RiteFlex handheld dispenser offers a low-cost, portable means of accurately diluting concentrated cleaning products to fill mop buckets, sinks, auto scrubbers, tanks and other containers.

Its unique tether design allows you to connect the dispenser to containers of any size or with any thread. RiteFlex goes wherever you can find a water source, and it eliminates the need to hold the weight of the container. All connections are effortless. Simply use a quick connect fitting to hook up the water source and another fitting for the chemical source.

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Features and Benefits

  • Available as a single flow (2.2 GPM) or dual flow (1.0 GPM/3.0 GPM) system
  • Multiple dilution rates available
  • Handy on/off trigger: operate the dispenser easily with one hand, whether your hands are large or small
  • Convenient locking button: activate the dispenser with the on/off trigger, and then lock it in the “on” position – all with one hand
  • Built in bucket clip: quickly and easily attach the RiteFlex to your bucket while filling
  • Built-in hangers: attach the tether to any wire rack to achieve a cleaner, more organized installation and storage
  • Provides backflow protection certified to the ASSE 1055 standard

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RiteFlex Handheld Dispenser Video


RiteFlex Handheld Dispenser Datasheet

RiteFlex Handheld Dispenser User Manual

RiteFlex Metering Tip Chart

Part Numbers

DescriptionModel NumberFlow RateApproximate Maximum DilutionApproximate Minimum Dilution
Single Flow, Direct ConnectRF100RC / RF100RD2.2 GPM256:18:1
Single Flow, Tether ConnectRF1002.2 GPM256:18:1
Dual Flow, Tether ConnectRF2001.0 GPM
3.0 GPM