Find The Right Part for Your Chemical and Application

Chemicals used in various applications dictate which pumps will, and won't work - and the wrong choice can be disastrous. As the market leader in water-driven pumps, Hydro understands how complicated this process can be and has developed this Product Guide to help our customers find the pump that best meets their needs. After your inputs, a selection set will appear that provides choices that fit your application, and specific resistance levels for the components against the chemical noted. With this information, you can know how each component will react with the chosen chemical, and make the most informed decision.

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WARNING: The information in this tool has been obtained by Hydro Systems from reputable sources and is to be used only as a guide. The ratings of chemicals were made after a 48 hours exposure. Hydro Systems has no knowledge of possible effects after this period. Hydro Systems does not warrant (neither expressed nor implied) that the information is accurate or complete or that any material, pump is suitable for any purpose. DANGER: Variation in chemical behavior due to factors such as temperature, pressure, concentration can cause equipments to fail even though it passed an initial test. Use suitable protections when handling chemicals. Hydro Systems has no responsibility for damages that result from the use of this tool or technical decisions made following its diagnostic.