SMP 2.0

Reliable Dilution Control for Multiple Products

SMP 2.0 offers a unique way to dispense a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets and other containers, while eliminating the possibility of chemical carryover between products.  Its patented  AccuPro® Pressure Regulation Technology eliminates dilution variance by controlling the amount of water permitted into the unit, never allowing it to “lean out” the desired dilution target.


Features and Benefits

  • The patented dual flow cartridge assembly allows users to have one closed loop chemical for both high and low fill rates out of the same bottle
  • Its venting system prevents chemical contact and eliminates product carryover
  • The cam assembly provides simple, one-hand operation to engage and disengage the bottle – every time
  • The system works with any number of chemical products – new products can be added at any time in the future
  • E-Gap and AirGap options to satisfy regulatory standards



SMP 2.0 Datasheet

SMP 2.0 User Manual (E-Gap)


Part Numbers

ModelNumber of Eductors
SMP 20001 Low1 High

Part No. 10090019: No chemical contact insert used with SMP 2.0 System.